Sunday, 12 November 2017

Egypt Warns Iran (WW3-04)

President Sisi of Egypt warned Iran to stay out of the Arab world especially the Gulf states.
    The Arabs are Ishmaelites (mainly Sunni Muslims), who are descendants of Abraham.

Note: - Iranians are classified as Caucasian. But people often forget that race has nothing to do with skin color. 'In North America, Iranians are to write that we are white on census records because that is what we are instructed to do. White means Caucasian, and not necessarily white skin. Many Iranians are also classified as white in the European census.

    Saudi Arabia and Iran (mainly Shia Muslims) are vocal and condemning each another, but this is the first time Egypt warns Iran, which may lead to the fulfillment of prophecy -  Egypt (king of the South) attacking Iran (king of the North).