Wednesday 1 June 2022

Iranian Mahdi (CW04)

    'World War 3 is at Hand'

Rich and Powerful US
   Christian nations (churches) were the light to the world by bringing in the gospel, schools, hospitals and charities to help the poor and needy nations. Since the wars and the great depression, US has emerged as the richest and most powerful nation.

Islamic Mahdi or Messiah
   Mahdī, (Arabic: "guided one") in Islamic eschatology, a messianic deliverer who will fill earth with justice and equity, restore true religion, and usher in a short golden age lasting seven, eight, or nine years before the end of the world. The belief in the end-time Mahdi is almost universally accepted across all Sunni and Shi'a Muslim denominations.

Appearance of Mahdi
    Before his reappearance (Arabic: ظهور, romanized: ṭuhūr), *the world will plunge into chaos*, where immorality and ignorance will be commonplace, the Qur'an will be forgotten, and religion will be abandoned. There will be plagues, earthquakes, floods, wars and death.
   So as soon as the powerful West (so-called Christian nations) led by US legalized homosexuality and same sex marriage and uses the UN Human Rights to force the whole world to accept these detestable abominations that the Muslims believe that *the world has plunged into chaos* and their Mahdi will appear soon.
   So Muslims are bolder and are fearless in fighting for justice with the extremists preparing the arrival of their Mahdi. Their war cry is 'Allahu Akbar' or 'Allah is great'
    The Iranians (esp. the Twelver Shia) believe that the Mahdi is living in their midst and he will appear to deliver Iran when Iran is about to be destroyed by its enemies. Then he will lead Iran to conquer the whole world for Islam.
    That is why the Iranian leadership has been provoking Israel and its powerful allies of US and the West to attack and defeat Iran to hasten the appearing of their Mahdi.

Iran Supreme Leader
    The present king of the North is the 84 year old Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. He is Iran's spiritual leader and highest authority - he has the final say over all government matters in the country.

No Wonder! Iran has been provoking Israel, Saudi Arabia and US to attack him
   Ayatollah Ali is constantly warning the US that if they or Israel attacks any of its nuclear site, he will send his full arsenal to wipe out Israel and all US military bases in the Middle East.
   With his strong faith that the Mahdi would appear soon, Ayatollah Ali will send his limited, outdated and inferior arsenal of weaponry to attack the invincible US fleets knowing very well that it will be suicidal. He was hoping that he could witness Mahdi's amazing power in annihilating the invincible US forces.

Dan 11:30  For ships from Chittim (West led by US) shall come against him; therefore he (king of the North) shall be grieved
    Without the Mahdi, the Iranian arsenal were  completely nullified and destroyed by the powerful US carrier fleets. The Iranians were powerless to face the onslaught of the enemies, so the only thing left is for them to pray for the Mahdi's appearance.
   US will then take this opportunity to annihilate this 'axis of evil' by completely destroying all Iran's nuclear and military sites.
    It grieves Ayatollah and his imam leadership of their fate in having to witness the innocent Iranian civilians bombed and killed by the Southern Alliance's missiles, bombs and artilleries and their country in complete ruin.
     To further US' objective of regime change, Ayatollah and Iran's leadership will be hunted down.